Keri Smith is Awesome - 21 November 2014
As part of our summer time, “Burgess University” mum has bought lots of Keri Smith books.  We are really excited to be able to play with these books.  We will put images on Instagram as we go.  Who know what adventures we will have with those... Read More
Dad wrote another book - 14 November 2014
As you may know, Dad writes these books for which I am the pseudonym and he has released a book called, “The Dream Enabler”, which is about daddy helping people make their dreams come true.  Mum says it will make you laugh and make you cry.   Read More
Book 5 out now - 07 November 2014
The much anticipated fifth book in the series is out now.  Please click here to read the... Read More
Arts Theatre - 31 October 2014
Another favourite weekend activity is heading to a 2pm session at the Brisbane Arts Theatre. The most recent one we had been to was Charlotte’s Web. We got to sit in the front row for a really up-close and personal performance by the Read More
NIDA Courses - 24 October 2014
An activity that we like to do in the school holidays and on weekends is attend NIDA courses. My sister recently did a 5-day intensive and had a wonderful time with her final performance at the Metro Arts... Read More
Swell Festival - 17 October 2014
We make sure that we make the annual trip to the Swell Art Festival which is an outdoor art exhibition held at Currumbin on the Gold Coast. We always really enjoy getting to see the sculptures and... Read More