Monopoly - 23 January 2015
Monopoly is a game that has been fun for many generations and we enjoyed pulling out the game today, an old set that our Dad owned when he was a kid. We... Read More
Water Colour - 16 January 2015
Today, we had an opportunity to do a water colour class with a professional Read More
Xmas Break - 19 December 2014
Holidays again! Where did the year go? We will be having lots of fun over the next few weeks, going to the beach, learning new and exciting things, and catching up with our cousins. Our blog... Read More
Lego Display - 12 December 2014
We were fortunate to get to the Lego exhibition in Brisbane.  There were some amazing collections, both past and present, as well as Star Wars characters.  We enjoyed the montage. Arranged by Read More
The Snow Queen - 05 December 2014
During the September school holidays, we were fortunate to see a performance of The Snow Queen by the Brisbane City Youth Ballet. It was an... Read More
Topology - 28 November 2014
Mum and Dad took us to the city and Southbank while the Brisbane festival was on and we had a really great time. Read More