Who we collaborate with - 06 March 2015
Over the next few months, I am interviewing a number of the people who we work with and collaborate with for our books as well as other people who have inspired me, in particular, entrepreneur mums. We will talk about trying to balance growing their business as well as taking care of... Read More
The Undercover Cop - 27 February 2015
In the Words from Daddy's Mouth studio, I have been working with Mariko Francis on our book The Undercover Cop. The book is in the final stages of production with our book... Read More
Mum here - 20 February 2015
For the year 2015, we have decided to take a slightly different approach at the Words from Daddy's Mouth studio.As a side note, "we" being the collective name for our family team - mum, dad, kids, aunties, uncles and grandparents.In 2015, our focus will be on the Words... Read More
Where did the Summer go? - 13 February 2015
The family sat down over the Christmas break and decided it was all a bit confusing: me, mum, and dad. Who wrote what?  Who did what?  Well, it is a joint effort by all of us. Then we decided Mum (Dyan) would be the go to person for 2015.  So I will say bye for now, but... Read More
Illustration update - 06 February 2015
We have decided to use a different illustrator for each of the next four books in our series. This will give you a fresh perspective for each of the next books. Click here to see the feature page... Read More
Wooden Book Set - 30 January 2015
Mum bought us books called the Wooden Book Set.  In the set are books like A Little... Read More