Here we are in May.Where did those first four months of 2015 go?I have been pretty quiet on the social media front while I focus on the book that I am writing. After assisting with the production of over 40 books in the last four years I am putting a pen to paper for... Read More
One of the activities in our "teacher/parent" notes is around storytelling. This particular activity is about recording a parent or grandparent while they tell a story from their childhood. Our family spends many hours sitting on the couch telling stories about what has happened... Read More
The Dead Lawn Incident - 17 April 2015
Book Number 7 - The Dead Lawn Incident With the very long post that I did two weeks ago I thought a short post would be refreshing for this week.I am happy to see that we are now at the stage to be able to move our next book into the publication pipeline. Read More
Independent-publishing is a little like parenting. You do all you can before the baby comes along to be prepared for all possible scenarios, to be wise to all pitfalls, and to ensure you are well-equipped to do all the right things in the right order. But sometimes, no matter how widely you read... Read More
Story Time - 20 March 2015
Story time ‘Do you remember . . .?' is one of our favourite ways to start a story. What is your favourite way to start a story? One way we get some quiet time as a parent is to ask one of the relatives to talk about their... Read More
How we first meet - 13 March 2015
TASK: Find an Australian IllustratorI wanted to utilise an Australian illustrator for our next chapter book.Very fortunately I was introduced to Read More