Readers are here - 12 June 2015
Over the last few months, we have been working on, what we call the, Reader Project. The project entailed the conversion of the first four books in our series (each approximately 3000 words) to less than 300 words. This was a real challenge.Also to incorporate the words in... Read More
With all the hustle and bustle of today's modern age, sometimes it is easy to forget to capture the moments that we enjoy with our loved ones. It seems that with the ability to take digital photos, we take so many that we do not take the time to print these up as an album for people... Read More
Systems and processes - 29 May 2015
I have been considering that the difference between a business that makes it and a business that doesn't is their ability to have systems and processes in place to ensure the least amount of rework based on errors or misunderstanding client instructions. We have been testing... Read More
As lover of sketch notes, I recently bought copies of Mike Rhodes’ book about sketch noting and he has a fantastic program that comes with the book to assist you with refining your skills and giving you a... Read More
It is not until you read a transcript of a conversation that you realise how much our written word differs from our spoken word and how easily the written word can be misconstrued when you do not hear the tone of the conversation. In the interviews that I have been doing for my Read More
It is not over until the fat lady sings Just when you thought that your Independently-published book was ready to go public. You order several copies for distribution, and do another read through the manuscript and find an error in the manuscript that has been missed, even though two... Read More