Time for Change - 11 August 2015
There is only so much time in this world. What do you choose to do with your time?Who do you say "yes" to and then realise you have said "no" to someone else?My choice is to have one Blog, therefore my thoughts and comments will be Read More
Who loves me? - 23 July 2015
The other week, I met a wonderful lady by the name of Vanessa.We talked about how to capture stories of our family.Vanessa said "The book is called 'Who loves Stella?' And is a book of everyone who loves her and their photo so she can read it even when we don't... Read More
Looking back - 15 July 2015
We have been cleaning out our cupboards over the last couple of months. With so many storage platforms now digital, the need for paperwork has become almost unnecessary and old CDs and DVDs no longer need to be filling up the shelves. Kids’ artwork can be captured and... Read More
Recently a couple of mums have asked me about the activities that we do to keep our kids stimulated and challenged. There is a list of our top 11 sites (in no particular order):1. Queensland... Read More
LEADx - 30 June 2015
Recently I was invited to Lead X, a series of presentations, TedX style in Brisbane.My sketch note gives a bit of a summary of it all, however it was really inspiring hearing the stories of each presenter.The presenters were: Dr. Kirsten Baulch Read More
A friend sent me an article the other day about the innate passion of some people to want to absorb all the information that is around them.Do you feel like a sponge at times?Can you absorb lots of new ideas?If you can, how do you apply them?If you... Read More